Best Ways to Spruce Up your Sacramento Stairs

Spring is a great time for fresh new starts. Flowers are blooming, the days get longer, and the smell of a new season freshens the air. Many people adopt the custom of spring cleaning to give their home a fresh new start for the warmer weather, but why stop there? One of the quickest, but often forgotten, ways to really give the interior or exterior of your home a revived look, is to remodel your home’s staircase.

Some homeowners have the misconception that remodeling a staircase requires too much time, effort and money and ends up not being worth it, but this is just not the case. iStairs knows bay area homes well and specializes in remodeling quickly and efficiently, so that your business or home does not experience any extended period of inconvenience. Instead, you get to enjoy your spring with a fresh, modern vibe that can bring a new energy to your space.

The following are some popular spring options for new staircases.


Beech is a white hardwood that often has a slight reddish tint to it. This is a popular option because of its light color and versatility. This wood usually has a consistent grain and this option can hold a stain very well. If in a couple years you make a furniture or flooring change and decide that your Sacramento stairs would match better if they were a completely different color; the beech wood would be very simple to restain and keep meeting your exact needs.


Maple is a popular choice due to its high durability. This is a beautiful hardwood that has a naturally closed grain. In the springtime many people opt for the maple staircases because they look best with just a clear coat to show off the natural highlights of the wood. This wood does not require much additional work to look its best. If you do plan on staining the owod a specific color, be aware that maple will require some patience. It sometimes absorbs stains unevenly, which can be discouraging.


Oak comes in many different varieties, but any of them are great, classic options. Oak has been a popular choice for staircases for centuries mostly because of its strength and dependability. However, something else to consider when making this choice in the bay area is that oak has a natural ability to protect against insects and fungus. The high tannin content in oak woods make them naturally resistant to common pests in this area. This makes oak an especially great option if you are looking to renovate your outdoor staircase that will be more exposed to unwanted insects.


Cherrywood is a very elegant wood that can make your home or business look a lot classier this spring. The dark red hue is a very rich color that deepens over time. This stylish wood naturally has a smooth texture that is simple to maintain and does not require a great amount of upkeep. You should know that the deep color is sometimes difficult to stain, but looks amazing with just a clear coat.