Coastal Stair Trends

Perfect stairs for coastal living

Why does everybody want to live on the coast? Do people go for the relaxation, the beautiful views, the sound of the waves crashing? Maybe everybody goes for a healthy dose of Vitamin D. It could be the warm days and cool nights or just so that you can always take a nice walk with the sand in between your toes. Some people go for the seafood; others live there to take their boat out on the ocean, etc, etc. The point is that there are a plethora of reasons that bring people from all across the world to live by the ocean, and we’re here to help maximize the living experience. So many people give an arm and a leg to live on the coast, but end up in a house or apartment that takes away from the beach style. So we figured we would share with you a few stair styles that help to aggrandize coastal home style while matching the ocean attitude.

Floating Stairs

One of the most popular options for beach houses is Open Riser or “Floating” Stairs. Without fully closing off a stairwell, you allow the light from both floors to permeate the house giving a natural glow. It also helps make smaller rooms appear larger and give you more space to work with under the stairs, instead of just a closet to stick the boogey boards in. A popular decision is going with the floating stairs in a polished wood to match the walk down the beach, minus the possible splinters. They also match the ocean attitude of having a free and open feel. Not only is it one of the rising trends in modern architecture, but also a smart financial decision in the long run that allows the house to get brighter from natural light. Natural light is 100% cheaper than artificial light, and let’s be honest, it is one of the reasons you moved to the beach anyway.

Trick Out The Tread

The stair tread is one of the most important factors of in home design that often gets overlooked. Some homes go with a Spanish style by the sea, but still have carpeted stairs. Like the capstone over an arch, many stair styles can complete the interior design by putting tiles in the risers or ropes lining the turnout. Glass tread or higher end canvas liner can be the key to whatever style or attitude you are going with.

Ride The Rails

Another cherry on top of the sundae is the handrail. One of our favorite options that remain cost effective is using thick rope attached to the wall at different intervals. It is a beautiful accessory to the beach feel that won’t carve too much out of your wallet. If you’re willing and prepared to spend a little more, glass panels topped with polished wood is another increasingly stylish addition, especially to the floating stairs that contributes to the open feel of the coastal home while giving you that sense of security walking up the stairs.

The fact of the matter is that the staircase is an essential part of interior design and can make or break the feel of your expensive beach house. It is truly an opportunity to think outside the box, and thanks to modern trends, there are plenty of ways to trick out your stairs to compliment and complete your coastal casa.