History of Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs make interesting parts of homes, offices, and any other types of buildings. Spiral staircases are elegant and classic, and make a home feel extra sophisticated.  But from where did spiral stairs emerge from? What history endowed spiral staircases such splendor?

The earliest depiction of spiral staircases was 3000 years ago. It is written in the Bible that there are two spiral or winding staircases that are part of Solomon’s Temple. These two staircases are said to lead to a sacrificial altar. And although the Bible is widely believed, this still does not provide concrete proof of being the first spiral stairs.

There is, however, a more physical evidence of an ancient spiral staircase in a temple in Sicily. This temple is believed to have been erected as early as 480 BC. This ancient spiral staircase is made of stone and stone slabs that center on a central column.

Trajan’s Column in Rome, considered to be the oldest preserved spiral stairs, represents a more common spiral staircase design. Built in 113 AD, 500 years after that of Sicily’s ancient spiral staircases, Trajan’s Column is made of marble with a band of reliefs that depict the victories of Emperor Trajan’s Army in the Dacian Wars. Inside this triumphal column is a spiral staircase that goes up the 42-meter high structure. There are also windows that are strategically placed around the column so that people going up or down the stairs would have some light.

Other historic structures that made of spiral staircases are castles in which these are used to go up towers that are otherwise difficult to ascend with regular staircases. A vast majority of stairs are made of stone, just like the castle that they are built on

From these historic designs and materials rose various styles and forms of spiral staircases. Some made with wood, some with steel, and some still with stone. Throughout the years, spiral staircases has always been seen as parts of majestic structures, and became grandiose in itself.

Nowadays, mansions, offices, hotels, and residences that are going for something fancy almost always take spiral staircases into consideration. Because spiral staircases may have been here for a long time, but it hasn’t lost it touch at becoming elegant and classy.

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