Keep the Kids Safe this Holiday Season

Now that the Holiday’s are in full swing and Christmas parties are being planned, it’s a good time to refresh ourselves and our families on some common sense safety tips, especially for the youngest of us in the bunch! With all of the merry-making going on, it can be easy to forget about some of the simple ways we can look out for the safety of our little ones while on Christmas break this year. Let’s take a look at 3 simple safety tips below for a quick reminder.

  1. Clear those stairs of clutter! A few decorations and tinsel is always festive, but remember to keep your staircase free from clutter including shoes and clothes, and things that tend to pile up on the stairs, as one small slip on the stairs could result in a big fall! Don’t make it tempting for the kids to play on the stairs by leaving toys and things to slide on either, as many accidents happen when kids try to play and slide down the stairs or railing.
  2. Invest in baby gates: Even if you don’t have a crawling baby, lots of traffic from kids a running up and down the stairs can be a recipe for disaster. Installing baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs can hep prevent accidents by slowing the kids down as they move from upstairs to downstairs. Bonus: Baby gates also help to keep pets in rooms as well (at least for dogs anyways!)
  3. Show your kids how to be safe on the stairs: Kids sometimes just need a reminder when it comes to safety so this holiday season show all the kids in your house how to safely go up and down the stairs, reminding them to use the handrail and to be careful when wearing socks as stairs can be slippery! When hosting a party at your house, try to keep an eye on the kid-traffic going on at the stairs, because as previously mentioned, kids really do like to play on stairs!

There are of course several more ways to keep your house and kids safe this Christmas season, but don’t forget the less often thought of areas like the stairs when making sure your kids will be safe this during the holidays!