Why you should have open riser stairs

As stated by the infamous architect and industrial designer Marcel Breuer, “Modern architecture is not a style, it’s an attitude.” As modern style is evolving, Open Riser Staircases are becoming one of the most increasingly popular designs, so without further adieu, here is a few things you will love about the attitude they bring with them.

Open Things Up a Little Bit

Modern style has always favored making the most of whatever space is available. Open riser stairs or “floating stairs” give you a whole new area to work with while eliminating the “cupboard under the stairs” that we all used to fill with Christmas decorations and food storage. You end up moving from a boxy and closed-off appearance to a seamless design where one room morphs into another while also providing some more area to decorate. Favoring a more minimalist style, the floating stairs make smaller rooms appear bigger and give you another zone to work with, adding space for a couch, coffee table, desk, or maybe you are somebody that just will not let go of the ficus.

Brighten It Up

The seamless design that the open riser stairs come with, also offers unique benefits with the utilization of natural light. From a design perspective, natural light is…well…natural. May sound redundant, but everything ends up in it’s truest color when it is exposed to natural daylight. For example, tomatoes score a 65 on the CRI (Color Rendering Index) in artificial light, while under natural daylight tomatoes attain a maximum of 100 on the CRI. Open Riser Stairs allow the upstairs and downstairs to flow together and permit more light to penetrate either floor. And to those of you who do not care as much how bright your tomatoes look, natural light is free light. It will cost 100% less to brighten your home up along with helping the environment. They will basically give you another reason to pat yourself on the back for helping the planet without having to go outside and hug a tree or drive a Prius. If you do all three then you can just pat yourself on the back with two hands.

Less Is More

How many times have you seen floating stairs and thought, “wow that’s ugly.” Never. And if you did…then you probably have something better to do than read an article on Open Riser Stairs. Nevertheless, it is a sleek design that has enhanced the style of modern culture from Jaguar Commercials to Edna Mode’s house in The Incredibles. It doesn’t dominate its space, buts fits in just like that last puzzle piece, giving ring to the ever true design motto that less is more.

The ever present con that everyone worries about is “will it be safe for my kids.” Of course your kids can get hurt on them, but they can also get hurt on any other staircase. So in other words, it is pretty much the same idea for all stairs from the Mayan Temples in Chiapas, Mexico to the ones in your house; do not fall down on them.