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Interested in doing a staircase project with iStairs? If you live within 100 miles of our office, you can take advantage of our field measurement option. Field measuring allows an expert to come to your home and accurately measure the space you are looking to build your stairs in, for a better, more accurate project estimate.

What do I need field measurement for?

Field measurement is needed to accurately design your staircases. With field measurement, your staircases, as well as its railing system, would be of the right slope, right height, right width, all accounting for a right staircase that would really be fit for the space where it will be set up.

If you opt for a field measurement:

  • 1. Proper measurements would allow accurate planning of the slope of your stairs.
  • 2. Each step will be of equal height and width. You will not exert varying effort to different steps.
  • 3. Your staircase's railing system will be perfect for your stairs. If you have one on each side, both would be of the same height and slope.
  • 4. You would be able to more accurately estimate the cost of your project. Given proper measurements, you will know the materials needed, and you can prepare the costs needed without much variations on the actual expense.
  • 5. Ultimately, your staircase project would be perfectly planned, and perfectly done.

Get a Field Measurement for your staircase project with iStairs

Our expert staff from iStairs will meticulously measure the area where you want your staircase project to be done in order to build an accurate estimate for your staircase project.

If your residence, your office, or your establishment where your staircase would be installed is near iStairs, then take advantage of our free field measuring option! If you do not live near our office, don't worry! Talk to one of our representatives to find out how you can get the most accurate field measuring.

Give us a call today to find out if you qualify for free field measuring for your new set of stairs!

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