iStairs is your one-stop shop for stair parts.

If you are a contractor, a remodeling specialist, or a do-it-yourself enthusiast looking to buy stair parts for your staircase projects, iStairs, Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of products to choose from! We also offer products for custom staircase projects.

Are you looking for a specific wood species, style, color, or design to spruce up your staircase? We offer high quality parts and products that add that extra “je ne sais quoi” to your staircase. Transform your stairs into a polished masterpiece today!

Looking for alder, beech, cherry, maple, oak, or poplar for your staircase? Name it and we have it!

Planning to go for an extraordinary staircase with unique design? Tell us what you need and we are sure to help you make your one-of-a-kind staircase project a success! iStairs is your best bet of a partner for a custom staircase project.


We offer a variety of hardware to help you carry out your new construction, and remodeling or renovation tasks. We also offer useful tools and components that will make your staircase project easier and better.

iStairs is home to high quality stair parts which include:

Homeowners and DIY home enthusiasts shop for stair parts from iStairs, Inc. because of our large amount of stair parts supply choices ranging from wrought iron to almost any hardwood species, square and turned rail systems, and multiple handrail profiles.

More than that, all of our products are guaranteed to be high quality. Your stairs would not be only beautiful, but they will be beautiful for a long time. Go for a delightful staircase that can stand the test of time with stair parts from iStairs, Inc.

No matter what your staircase project may be, iStairs, Inc. is your one stop shop for all your staircase parts. What are you waiting for? Shop now at iStairs and let’s make that project a true work of art!

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