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At iStairs, Inc., our products are unique and different from stairway components by other manufacturers. Our handrail products are crafted and milled from the best woods for ensured durability. We have a variety of handrail models and sizes to choose from that fit the industry standard. Sacramento Stairs Company, iStairs, Inc., has been providing high quality stair products and stair parts to home remodelers and Do It Yourself enthusiasts for many years.

In order to prevent injuries such as accidental fall or tumbling down the stairs, most staircases are designed with handrails; when you ascend the staircase your hand should feel comfortable with the shape and feel of the railing. The size needs to be easy to grip in order to provide the correct level of safety for you and your family.

But handrails are not just a functional stair component; a handrail can add a significant amount of style to a staircase as well. The hand railing that you chose should compliment other components in the staircase, we make it easy by offering handrails that are ready to be stained and installed; we make it easy on you by

Sacramento stairs company, iStairs, Inc., knows that there are many who love Do It Yourself projects which is why we are committed to provide you with the best stair building materials and parts on the market. If you are not to fond of the Do It Yourself trend, an iStairs specialist will install it for you!

To learn more about our selection of handrails and other staircase parts, contact iStairs by filling out the contact form or calling us, you are always welcome to come in and visit our showroom during business hours. We serve the Sacramento Area and surrounding areas and in addition of offering parts, we also design, build and install residential and commercial stair systems.

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