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Spiral staircases are some of the most elegant staircases there are. So elegant, that they are popular in big homes. Spiral staircases embody sophistication that anyone could appreciate. But what really is it about8 spiral staircases that make them so special?

What makes spiral staircases different?

Spiral staircases work like other staircases – they provide you means to get from a higher part of the house to a lower one, and vice versa.

The difference is that spiral staircases go around instead of simply being sloped like a ramp. It is vertical but provides steps that are positioned in a circular manner.

Are there different types of spiral staircases?

A typical spiral staircase is one that has a central pole called a newel. The boards would be attached to the newel, and they would go around it. A handrail on the outer side of the staircase usually goes along with this type of spiral staircase.

There is also a type of spiral staircase that doesn’t need a newel but instead, the boards are attached to the walls and the boards go around the sides of the wall. The best example would be a tower. You can imagine that there would be a huge space in the middle of the staircase and you will only walk along the sides. There can also be handrails for this one but there is definitely no newel.

Each spiral staircase type can be used depending on where it will be installed. But of course, unless you have a tower, a spiral staircase with a newel will be best for you.

Are there benefits to having spiral staircases?

Aside from being visually delightful, spiral staircases do have a share of benefits. Spiral staircases are great because:

  1. Spiral staircases consume little space. Spiral staircases only take a small floor area and the vertical space between the bottom and top floor. Unlike typical inclined staircases, less space would be needed. This is very useful for high constructions on a relatively small area.

  2. Spiral staircases could be placed just about anywhere. Inside the house, it can lead to the attic or to the children’s bedroom. Outside, it can lead to the rooftop, or the terrace garden.

  3. Spiral staircases are safe. All staircases pose danger in one way or another. But spiral staircases are definitely one of the safest. Children would find it difficult to run down spiral staircases in comparison to regular staircases. Also, if you do fall, you won’t fall all the way down because the handrails would stop your fall, or you can grab hold of the newel.

Get your own Spiral Staircases now!

As you see, spiral staircases are not just about looks. Spiral staircases are also packed with functionality. Aside from that, spiral staircases can also increase the value of your home! Spiral staircases are truly elegant and can make any home very delightful.

Indeed, spiral staircases are great for homes like yours. Thinking about having your own spiral staircases? Just call iStairs and you can have the best spiral staircase for you home!