14 Stairway Design Ideas

14 Stairway Design Ideas | iStairs Sacramento Stairs Company

When we think of remodeling or redesigning our home, we probably think of the main parts of the house first — the kitchen, the dining area, the living area, the den, the bedroom, even the garden. More often than not, we forget to include the staircase on the agenda, since we just pass through it anyway, right? 

Wrong. Stairs are not just connections between floors or part of the house to another. They are a big part of the ambiance, experience, and the journey of moving through the house. Sometimes, they are what a visitor sees first. Sometimes, they represent the overall vibe of the place. Sometimes, they show the scale of the home. 

Whether you are thinking of redesigning your stairway (or you simply enjoy looking at different designs and imagining them as your own), here are staircase design ideas for you to consider and enjoy. 

  • You can go for artistic or architectural  

Why settle for plain banisters when you can make them a work of art? Work with an industrial artist or young sculptor to put something uniquely yours. It will make going up and down the stairs a unique experience. 

Staircase with storage
  • You can go for contemporary or ‘mixed media’ 

The staircase does not have to be made of one material from top to bottom.Add contrasts by mixing wood with steel or metal. It makes each component stand out and offer a better sensory experience, especially when you go up and down on the flight of stairs. 

Modern design with metal treads
  • You can make them float 

Go for a less cluttered or heavy look by making your staircase “float,” or installing them into the wall. If there are kids in the home, install grills on the side to prevent them from falling off your floating staircase. 

Floating or suspended staircase treads reduce the footprint of the stairs. The opening on the staircases allow more light to pass through It goes well with more modern designs . 

Floating stairs
  • You can make them grand and traditional 

Think of old theater staircases or those you’ve seen in movies or television series about the old rich. A mix of “Downton Abbey” and “Titanic” maybe? Or just the usual grand hotel staircases that scream glamor and grandeur. 

Grand Staircase
  • You can make them cozy 

Who says one must go up and down the stairs in a straight line? Placing a nook in the middle is a great idea. Not only does it add a quiet spot at home, but also a place where one can just sit and enjoy the view outside. 

High ceiling with reading nook
  • You can make it about your favorite place 

Love the beach? Bring the beach vibes into your home with a spiral staircase that looks like a slide into the sea! The rope detail adds a nautical vibe. This staircase is as decorative as it is functional, isn’t it? It’s quite, literally, cool. 

Blue spiral staircase with rope handrail
  • You can make it about your dream destination 

Do you dream of visiting Greece and other Mediterranean countries? The gyros may wait, but not the vibe! Go the Mediterranean with tiles that represent the color of the sky and sea, like these teal tiles. They look cool and earthy, too! 

Mediterranean-inspired staircase
  • You can go graphic 

Sometimes, it’s all about the carpet that spells the difference between bland and boring to artsy and interesting. Add artwork to complement your carpet and voila!, you have the perfect Art Deco-esque combination to take your staircase game a notch higher. 

Staircase with patterns
  • You can go sculptural 

Is it a work of art? An installation? Or is your mind playing tricks on you? A staircase like this is an accent piece that visitors would be excited to try (although it may not be safe for kids). It looks like a puzzle that will bring you to an interesting place — like the roof! 

Creative  slim staircase
  • You can go wild with color 

Who says there are rules when it comes to choosing the color for your staircase? If it has to be the most colorful part of your home, then let it. Let it brighten your home to reflect your character, or anchor the energy to make it a very interesting part of the place. 

stairs with colorful tiles
  • You can go nautical 

This is a different take on taking the beach vibes to your home. This is about making your home feel like a beach house — without the sand and the sound of seagulls. The simple blue stripes are all it takes to change the character of a simple white staircase. 

Nautical themed staircase
  • You can go minimal and industrial 

This combination can result in a staircase that is quite intimidating, if not scary. But then again, it is something one can get used to anyway. Plus it is eye-catching and a definite conversation-starter. 

Creative staircase
  • You can light the way 

It is resourceful and ingenious to turn your staircase into a “lamp.” Install lights under steps or on the side to make it part of your place’s mood lighting. It can add to the relaxing ambiance perfect for winding down from a busy or stressful day or week. 

Concrete staircase
  • You can use it as storage 

At a time when space is becoming more expensive, the tiny house movement has gained traction. In tiny spaces, everything is modular and multi-purpose. The steps of stairs can also be used as storage. It’s all about smart space usage and management. 

Rustic wooden staircase with drawers

There you have it: fourteen staircase design ideas, from the unique to the fun to the challenging and the practical. The point is that your staircase should not be taken for granted. 

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