5 Budget-Friendly Stair Renovation Ideas

5 Budget-Friendly Stair Renovation Ideas

You may not be aware that your staircase can serve as a rich architectural element instead of just being a boring functional structure. In addition, you don’t even have to spend a fortune renovating your outdated or insipid stairs. 

Here is the list of 5 budget-friendly stair renovation ideas you may want to try. 

1) Add a new carpet runner

A carpet runner will not just make your stairway look more elegant, but it can also provide traction to prevent slip and fall accidents and absorb noise when making trips up and down the stairs. 

Opt for a runner that can cover most of the stair’s width, or at least 80% of the tread. By showing a small amount of floor on each side of the tread, you can create a beautiful contrast between the floor and the fabric; plus, the thin border lines create a longer, more elegant-looking carpet. 

Meanwhile, the ideal color for your runner depends on what you want to achieve. For instance, if you want a little pop of color, go for something with a vibrant hue or pattern, or if you are into a more serene effect, choose a more subdued color. 

These are the other things you have to consider when choosing a carpet runner: 

  • Choose a fabric that can withstand high traffic (nylon and polyester are hard-wearing synthetic fabrics, the same thing with wool with a small amount of synthetic blend). 
  • Opt for a carpet that is relatively thick but not too “fluffy.” Find the right balance between softness and durability. 

2) Consider painted runners

If you like the look of stair runners but hate the process of installation or the upkeep that they require (such as regular vacuuming), you may want to consider painted runners, which are an easy DIY weekend project. 

When it comes to the colors and patterns, the right one depends on your personal taste. However, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind. 

Allow at least 4 inches between the edge of the painted runner and the wall. 

For a more finished look, fill the cracks with wood filler, sand the surface, and apply primer (if the surface has never been painted ) before painting your stairs. 

To ensure clean edges, apply painter’s tape before painting. And to prevent paint from seeping under the tape, seal its edge by applying some base color and allowing it to dry before painting the actual runner. 

3) Paint the balusters

A quick way to improve your worn-out or outdated stair posts is to repaint them. While you can never go wrong with white, you can also choose a more vibrant or “playful” color if you want to give your staircase a trendier look. 

But if you have some qualm in painting your hardwood stair posts, wood stain is a good alternative, especially if you are into rustic effect. 

4) Add a splash of color to the stair risers

You can cover your stair risers with vinyl or wallpaper to give your stairs a splash of color. The good thing about this makeover is that it requires minimal investment and effort: You can simply peel and stick the vinyl decals onto the vertical surface of the stair. 

In case you get tired of your vinyl decals or want another pattern or color, they are easy to remove. Simply warm them with a hairdryer before you peel them off the stair risers. 

5) Add a staircase molding

Adding a staircase molding to your walls is a surefire way to make it look more opulent without having to do major renovations or spending thousands of dollars. Another bonus: This is a relatively easy and quick DIY project. 

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