Best Paint Finishes for Stairs


Painting your stairs is not like painting your walls. There are certain limitations when it comes to the paint types and finishes you can use. In doing any task, you have to consider the function of the item first and foremost. Since stairs are something you step on every day, you have to take into account how slippery the treads become after coating them with paint.  

High gloss finish 

In choosing your paint, always think about where you are going to apply it. Since stairs are prone to dirt, dust, and stain, it is best to use paints high gloss finish. This type of paint is easier to clean. Wipe it with a damp cloth, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to look for high gloss paint that is not slippery. Some hardware stores have paint samples applied on different materials so you can see the effect. If this is not available, you can try buying a small can of paint for you to try first. The important thing is you did your research and testing correctly before painting the whole thing.  

Latex paint 

Nobody wants slippery stairs. It is hazardous for anyone living in your home, especially to children who love running up and down the stairs. If you are repainting your stairs, you can use latex paint first. Then, top it with water-based paint to make it more durable. If you are going to DIY your painting jobs, this won’t be too hard of a job. Latex paint is easy to work with and dries quickly. Oil-based paints are also an option, but they are challenging to apply, and it takes a lot of time to dry. They usually have a smell as well, so staying in your home during the paint job is not advisable, especially to those with young kids. 

Dark color finish 

The best option for painting your stairs are dark colors. Try to avoid using any light-colored paints for the treads. If you really want bright colors for your stairs, limit its use to the balusters or risers. Neutral dark colors such as black and dark brown are most popular among homeowners since it can hide dirt and dust. For busy homeowners who cannot mop their stairs on an everyday basis, dark-colored paints are a lifesaver. You need not spend countless hours cleaning the treads, because the color of the material does not highlight the dirt.  

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