Cost and Staircases: Choosing the Best Staircase for your Space

Cost and Staircases Choosing the Best Staircase for your Space

A lot of us want a functional, elegant, and even a show stopping staircase to top off our dream homes. However, grand staircases or designer stairs are not too friendly to the pockets. But we do not want to compromise aesthetics and quality, so here are some tips to consider when getting yourself a budget friendly yet pretty stairs.

  1. Room Space
    The key word is efficiency. Often times we either overestimate or underestimate the space allotted for our stairs. Because of this, we end up buying more materials than we can actually use. The same goes for under estimating, construction items are cheaper when bought by bulk, retailing the parts when a bolt is missing will cost the homeowners more. Look up the designs for curved flight of steps while this design does not complete the circle because of the radial space it requires, this design speaks of romance and grandeur.
  2. Design
    The complexity of a staircase is a factor to consider when shopping for one. A spiral stairs that goes around three times is more expensive than a staircase that only curves twice. The same goes for the details that would go with the hand railings. If you’d like Victorian style handrails, expect a quote made for the queen and a prize meant for the treasury of a king. Choose designs that are presentable and affordable.  You can check the Straight Stairway. This type of stairs provides a non-complex yet functional design to a home. This model works best with minimalists and can become a favorite photo spot for your guests.
  3. Materials
    Often times, people think that a steel staircase would be more expensive than those made of wood. This is not always the case because there are imported woods like the ones from the Narra tree in the Philippines that promises strength and longevity but may require breaking a bank if you’d like one for your house. For us who work under a budget, it would be best to survey the available materials first before deciding on a popular choice. Maybe you’d like to see some metal spiral stairs. This is best for homes that have limited spaces and is easy to install. This choice radiates fun and is relaxed aura- perfect for your personal turf.
  4. Labor
    Installing stairs can take days or even weeks depending on size and design complexity. For budget conscious buyers, checking for the number of days required to complete the stairs would extremely help the decision making process and planning of the project. Carpenters sometimes require an hourly rate or daily rate which can range between 50$ per hour to 75$ per hour. A  U- shaped Stairwell is composed of two L-shaped stair that requires a 180 degree turn in the landing. This is a complex design that can build interest among your guests. This is finest placed in a corner of the room to emphasize the shape. It can take some days to finish this beauty.