Creative Staircases for Tiny Houses 

Creative Staircases for Tiny Houses  | iStairs Sacramento Stairs Company

Gone are the days when everyone wants to have that big American dream house with a white picket fence. As land and materials get more expensive, and minimalism shines brighter, more people want to have tiny houses instead.  

The tiny house movement is a growing movement that started in the 2000s. As straightforward as it can be, it is an architectural and social movement that gives preference and encourages living in a tinier space. At first, it would seem that this tiny house movement is supported by people who cannot buy big homes. However, it is not always the case. A lot of tiny house owners join the club to live simpler lives. They used the tiny house movement as a means to eradicate what is unimportant and unnecessary.  

According to the 2018 International Residential Code, a tiny house is a residential unit that measures no more than 400 square feet. For the American-style of living, doing this sounds impossible, especially with all the bulky and large household items. But, with the right design of tiny houses, a lot of people have proved that it is indeed possible.  

There are many things you can have custom-made to fit a tiny house, but let us start with a basic one – stairs! 

Tiny houses need not be single-story units. A lot of designs incorporate multiple stories and even balconies! Here are some stair designs perfect for a tiny house.  

Staircase with storage 

Just because you are living in a tiny house does not mean you cannot have decent storage. Many tiny house owners designed their stairs to double as storage. It is a great way to save space and be functional.  

Spiral staircase 

Everyone knows that a spiral staircase is the ultimate space saver. The steps go around a central pole keeping the unit intact and sleek. It is also a great way to introduce some character to your house. Why not go for an industrial style spiral staircase inside an all-white ensemble? 

Short straight staircase 

One way to introduce a staircase in your tiny home is to use a short and straight type of staircase. A lot of owners use RVs or container vans as their base. With that base, the length of the house is significantly limited. A short straight staircase is a perfect fit for these spaces. You need to consider the height of the residents of your tiny house and their foot sizes.  

Floating staircase 

By using a floating staircase, you are avoiding the need for a bulky foundation. You can use this space for other things you need. You can set up a reading nook, a hobby area, day bed. Trust us; your imagination only limits you! 

Tiny houses do not mean tiny visions! Given the right partner, a perfect tiny house is possible!  

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