How to Paint Your Stair Design

How to Paint Your Stair Design

Having someone paint your stairs can be a little costly. If you have some spare time, and if you think you are skilled enough, then you can consider painting your stairs yourself. Not only will you be able to save money, but it will give you a proud feeling when you finish painting your beautiful stairs, with a stair design that you thought of, and you worked on by yourself.

So get your paint and brush and let’s start on the stair painting project as you follow these easy steps from iStairs Stair Design:

Step 1: Conceptualize on your stair design

Would you opt a solid color? Or do you want to play with different colors? Get your thinking cap on and decide on the stair design that would work for you. For more ideas, you can check out our blog post, Great Ways to Decorate your Stairs, which you can find in this link. Stair designs are great if it jives with your house. So if you need help in deciding on what stair design suits your house, you can always seek iStairs for help.

Step 2: Get the materials you need.

Now that you know what stair design you want, go grab the materials at the nearest hardware store.  Make sure that you have the right paint color, and the right brushes so you can have perfectly painted stairs.

Porch and floor paints are good choices for painting your stairs. These are more durable and comes in high-gloss or stain, which would make your stairs very beautiful.

For safety purposes, purchase a slip-resistant additive as well. This will help prevent slipping for your stairs. Don’t worry, this mixes well with your paint. Your stairs will be both safe and beautiful!

Step 3: Clean your stairs and fix minor damages

Before starting on actually painting your stairs, do clean it thoroughly. Remove foreign materials from your stairs. If your staircase was once carpeted, ensure that staples are completely removed. For your safety, do remember to use pliers when removing staples!

If you find holes in your stairs, you can use putty or wood filler to fill them in. If your staircase is made of cement, epoxy would do – just make sure that it is made for filling up holes!

When cleaning the stairs, sweep them, vacuum them, then wash them. If your stairs are rough, you may want to sand it smooth. Once your stairs are squeaky clean, you’re ready to go with that paint job!

Step 4: Paint away!

Here comes the fun part: the actual painting! Paint every other stair so you won’t step on wet paint. Once the first set dried up, paint the unpainted set. Apply a second coat for a more durable paint job. Always make sure that you dry your paint well enough before putting the second coat and ensure that you have uniform shade all over if you decide to have a solid-colored staircase.

If you are in need any assistance in stair design, give iStairs a call! We can help renew your space by building and installing beautiful wooden or specially stairs that will make you love the space you live or work in!