DIY Stair Project

If you can’t move then its time to improve

Believe it or not, the staircase is actually one of the main visual focus points of your home, and even the smallest of changes or remodels to the stairs can offer a big improvement.

An outdated staircase can be an eyesore, so why not look into some creative ways of improving your staircase today?

So if you are considering a new stairs project as a way to improve the aesthetics of your house, don’t rush into hiring an expensive contractor just yet! Instead, look into the variety of do-it-yourself projects and improvements you yourself can do. With a little creativity and some basic equipment and labor, you can completely change the look and style of any set of stairs and add some unique flair to your home!

From a simple staircase makeover, to a more complex remodel of a set of stairs, the possibilities for DIY stair projects are endless.

Take an old wooden style banister with carpeted stairs for example; one way of improving this staircase would be the DIY stairs project of painting and staining the stair railing a modern black, followed by removing the outdated carpet and painting the risers and steps black as well. A project of this size is likely to be accompanied by other DIY makeovers in the areas surrounding the staircase, as you will want to match the appropriate color schemes and designs to your new and improved stairs.

A simpler way of adding some flair to your set of stairs is with the addition of a runner, or the rug and rug pad that runs through the middle of the typically wooden stairs to add cushion and noise reduction. You can create this DIY stairs project with the appropriate materials in very little time!

There are so many unique and creative ways to remodel handrails for DIY stairs projects as well, and while several require more time and money than others depending upon the size of the project and the type of material, it’s nearly always a good idea when you choose to invest in your home by creating something of your very own design inside.

Consider remodeling the railing of your staircase with anything from repurposed old wooden doors, stainless steel cables, to even glass enclosed in a wooden frame. Another way to remodel one of the sections of a staircase railing is simply to create a bookshelf in place of the balusters, handrails, and shoe rails, typically at either the top of the stairs, or at the bottom landing of the stairs.

DIY stairs projects like the bookshelf-railing idea are ideal because they are beautiful to look at, and they function as a space-saver for storage purposes as well.

Looking for a way to keep your toddler or pet from getting up or down the stairs, but haven’t found an affordable one in stores that actually works? Well, a DIY stairs project could be just the solution you are looking for, because there are multiple cheap and creative ways to create a functional do-it-yourself baby gate for your staircase! For a spiral staircase, you can create a baby gate that slides back and forth and rests between the spindles simply by fastening a length of fabric to PVC pipes.

For something a bit more artsy, you can repurpose a barn door, old kitchen door, or wooden pallet and attach it with hinges and a lock to the bottom of stairs, almost like a garden gate.