What to Look For when Hiring a Stairs Company

When researching the right company to help you in planning and constructing a staircase for your home, you must choose wisely and carefully because the stairs are an important element of your home that require precise measurements and quality construction.

There are a handful of key ways to identify a quality stair company that can be trusted, so if you are seeking to have a new stair design constructed in your home you need to know how to choose a certified and reliable place of business.

Hiring a Sacramento Stair Company Checklist

So when hiring a stairs company to come and work in your home, be sure that they meet all of the following standards:

  1. Examples of previous work: A quality stairs company will proudly display a collection of their work online so as to show future customers their previous stair designs and workmanship. If a stairs company does not have a way for you to access pictures of their previous work, consider looking elsewhere.
  2. Knowledgeable staff: One sure way to test if the salesperson with whom you are consulting knows what they are doing and is being straightforward is to as them all of the right questions; for example, by seeing how they respond to the proposal of a physically impossible dimension of a stair design (such as 8 inch risers), you can gage whether or not you are really dealing with a legitimate stair company.
  3. Positive reactions to unsatisfied customers: Since it is unrealistic to assume every single job performed by a stairs company was 100 percent satisfactory to every single customer, look at how the company’s negative reviews were received and responded to by the company itself, in order to see how they treat even unsatisfied customers.
  4. Will they complete the job on the stair design, including finishing and staining: Believe it or not, not all stair companies will complete the job with a staining and finishing process and many homeowners end up having to hire another company entirely to complete the step of finishing and staining, so if the company you are looking at does not do the job 100 percent, find one who will!
  5. Do they allow for a meeting with an owner or manager if making a large purchase?: A quality stairs company will gladly make the time to meet with a valued customer should they receive ample notice, so if you are not feeling like a priority to the company you are paying good money to, you should look elsewhere!

Now that you know exactly what to look for when hiring a stairs company to execute the stair design of your dreams, you can narrow the search down even more and get you that much closer to construction!