Deck the Halls and the Staircase, Too!

Keep the Kids Safe this Holiday Season

You read that right, folks! This year as you and your family decorate the tree and your home for the holidays, don’t forget to incorporate your staircase into the decorations for an added sense of originality and holiday flare. And why wouldn’t you take advantage of the fact that the staircase of your home is the natural focal point people look to when they enter the house, by decorating your staircase for this Christmas season! Below are a few ideas to inspire your staircase decorating ideas.

  • Keep it Simple: You can decorate your staircase in a charming and festive way without going overboard by incorporating a few select decorations. Use a simple staircase decoration for example that incorporates a few strands of white or colored Christmas lights by intertwining them along the handrail. Or instead of hanging your stockings from the mantel this year, try using your staircase as a stylish way of displaying them.
  • Classic Seasonal Style: For more of a classic look this holiday season, you can decorate your staircase with traditional Christmas decor, including wreaths and garland, big red bows, pine needles, pinecones, and snowflake ornaments to name a few. Ideas like wrapping tinsel around the railings of the staircase in alternating white and red colors for a fun candy cane look!
  • Go for Something Unique: Finally, you can try and go for something totally unique this year when incorporating your staircase into your home’s holiday decorations. Think outside the box and experiment with creative ideas, such as using the treads and balusters of the staircase as a means of displaying some holiday cheer! You can use oversized bulb ornaments and fasten them onto colorful ribbons, and hang those at different lengths from the balusters for a unique holiday staircase decoration.