How to Clean Wooden Stairs

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If you are thinking about having wooden stairs installed in your Sacramento home, you will want to know how to clean them. Cleaning wooden stairs is not like cleaning other surfaces in your home. Here are some steps to help you:

Wooden stairs, when properly taken care of, can beautifully compliment the unique style of any home. If you want to prolong the beautiful appearance of the wooden stairs in the interior or exterior of your home, you should know the appropriate method for cleaning said stairs, so as not to damage any of the wood with improper solutions or brushes. Here, we will explain how to clean your wooden stairs step by step.

Cleaning Your Stairs by iStairs Sacramento

First, gather the following supplies to begin the process of cleaning an interior wooden staircase: broom or dust brush, cleaning solution compatible with the sealant used on your stairs, terry cloth or micro- fiber covered mop (to apply the cleaner), and a large rag (to wipe off cleaner). In order to determine the finish of the wood so you can buy the appropriate cleaner, remember that an indication of a surface finish is shininess, while a penetrating finish has more of a matte look and is sealed with an oil or wax finish, instead of the polyurethane seal of a surface finish. Also, remember to never use ammonia on wood!

After preparing the necessary materials, the next step in cleaning the interior wooden staircase is to remove dust and debris using a frayed-tipped broom or dust mop, which are typically easier to maneuver around stairs than a vacuum is. Once a thorough sweeping is done, you can begin wiping the cleaning solution on each individual stair with the microfiber cloth, making sure to use the solution efficiently and to cover the entire surface area for an even clean. Next, allow the solution to soak several minutes before using the second rag to go over each stair an additional time. Do not wax the stairs for any reason, as wax creates a dangerously slippery surface.

An exterior wooden staircase is cleaned in a similar fashion to the interior, with the exception of the type of cleaning solution used, as exterior stairs are cleaned with generic kitchen cleaning solution and a scrubbing brush. First, sweep the staircase starting at the top. Next, wash all the stairs with the all-purpose cleaner and water while scrubbing with a brush, mop, or broom. Finally, you can rinse the entire staircase off after the washing, followed by a thorough drying with a clean and dry rag. Unlike the interior cleaning, an exterior wooden staircase only needs to be cleaned every one to three years. For exterior wooden stairs, also consider using a sealant to protect from the elements.

Now that you know how to take care of your stairs, you will be able to take care of them for many years! If you have any other questions regarding wooden stairs, give us a call today at iStairs Sacramento!