Staircase Trends for 2020

Industrial design with black metal staircase

Gone are the days when staircases merely served a functional purpose. Stairs have become a great way to introduce character and style in your homes. The year 2020 is no different! The design of your staircase is one of the first things that you should invest in to elevate the look of your home.  

These are the hot staircase trends of 2020 that you should consider if you are renovating or building your home. 

The U-shape Staircase 

U-shape stairs may have a rap of being too commercial. It is predominantly used in buildings and warehouses. However, if combined with the proper design and materials, this rather simple style can be a great architectural feature. Instead of using common materials such as wood and concrete, why not combine them with glass or metal to make it more interesting.  

The Zig-zag Staircase 

Zig-zag stairs are made for multistory houses. It is the most popular choice in structures which features the stairs as the main design element. Zig zag stairs can be quite tricky to make. Without the proper materials and construction, your space can appear to be stuffy and cramped. One common way to avoid this issue is to add a lighting solution in the stairs area. By doing so, the place will brighten up. It will create the illusion that the area is more spacious. 

The Spiral Staircase 

If you haven’t noticed before, the spiral staircase is the ultimate go-to style for those who want a bold statement in a smaller space. This style is not going anywhere. This 2020, the spiral staircase is still your best choice to spruce up a small space! 

The Cantilever Staircase 

Nothing screams modern than cantilever stairs. Imagine having the illusion of floating steps. Even with just one color or material, this type of stairs is a head-turner.  

The Straight Staircase 

The straight staircase has always been regarded as the simplest type of staircase. Despite its plainness, it is still a solid design choice for 2020. The recent years have seen a trend favoring the minimalist movement in design and architecture. A straight staircase is part of the arsenal of minimalist designers. It produces clean and crisp lines in a home. This design is often combined with newer choices in materials to keep the look updated.  

Spiral Staircase

In terms of materials, decorative trends show wood as the primary material for 2020. The best choices are pine, oak, mahogany, or imitation wood. To give the classic material a 2020 facelift, it will often be combined with glass. For instance, wooden steps will be paired with glass railing.  

Natural metals will also take the spotlight this year. The industrial design trend is not ready to bid us goodbye. It will still be apparent in 2020. Gold and copper are the best choices for decorative elements. You can see it in railings, balusters, or embellishments.  

The staircase should be treated as a crucial element in the overall appearance of your home. It does not just function as a connector between floors. With proper design, it can be the central feature of the house. Thoughtful design is critical in its execution. Your choice of contractor is vital. A single misstep can spell disaster.  

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