The Role of Stair Railing Parts in Home Design

Spiral Staircase

A stair railing system is not only considered a safety feature in homes, but also a decorative feature. From architects to homeowners, more and more people are showing much appreciation on the overall design impact stair railings can contribute to a home. iStairs understands that railing design can ultimately bring a sense of stylishness to any home. For any interior motif, iStairs can provide the perfect stair railing to match.

Whether building a new stair railing, replacing an old one, or simply making repairs to your trusted hand rails, it is important to know what the different stair railing parts and their functions are so that the next time you are thinking about changing your handrails you will be ready. Whatever staircase style- from the traditional to the unusual, stair-railing parts have the same name everywhere in the world.

This is the most recognizable of all stair railing parts. Its strong aesthetic value matches its importance when it comes to safety. It simply prevents you from falling and provides support when going up and down a flight of stairs. Metal and wood are the standard types but more people are now using glass handrails too. Handrails are usually built in one piece, and this makes up the biggest section in the system.

This provides support for the handrail as it holds it in place. It runs from the top of the stairs to the bottom of the handrail. The design for this spoke-looking part varies from the simple, functional ones to the more elaborate, twisted ones. Some balusters are carved or molded with design.

Newel Post
This is the sturdy, thick post located at the bottom of the stairs. Typically coming in round or square, there is a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. Providing a strong visual quality, newel posts usually become the accent piece in the railing system.

The ornamental topper on the newel post is the finial. This is screwed on top of the newel. Usually round or square but there are also other options for more elaborate ones. A wood worker can also craft a custom, one-of-a-kind finial for you.

The edge of thread is where the stair railings rest. This is the flat part you step on to go through the flight of stairs. Durability is one of its main qualities.

iStairs can assist you in all your stair railing needs. You can find the piece to accentuate your home. Custom stair parts are also available. Whether you want to go for the rustic charm of wood or the flair that can only come from metal, stair railing parts will elevate the typical, functional element of the staircase to a work of art. A great architectural tip is to combine materials like glass and metal. It is also a good idea to assess the surroundings of where it will be installed and to work with the design elements around it.

Just like any other feature of your home, every element can be a reflection of your style.