Things I Need to Know About Glass Railings

Things I Need to Know About Glass Railings | iStairs Sacramento Stairs Company

If you’re thinking about having glass railings as your next project, this one’s for you!

Glass railings are now the most popular railing option for modern architecture. Glass offers visual and practical advantages that other alternatives cannot. It gives the illusion of bigger spaces, allows light to flow freely, and is easy to clean. Aside from that, it provides a luxurious touch to the home if it is installed correctly.

Over the past years, more and more people have opted for glass railings in their balconies and stairs compared to wooden or metal railings. But before you get one, you should take note of these five things first!

Know the different types of glass railing systems.

Glass railings can be installed in multiple ways. Before you choose one, you should check which option would match the whole aesthetic you’re going for and if it matches the style and feel of the rest of your house. We can classify interior glass railings into three main types. These are the following:

Dadoed Glass Railings

This type of railings secures the glass panels between the handrail and the bottom shoe. The glass panels are embedded within a wooden framework, so there’s no need for additional hardware to hold them in place. Dadoed glass railings give a polished look that highlights both glass and wood.

Standoff Glass Railings

In this type of railings, glass panels are secured with round stainless steel pins called standoffs. The pins attach the panels to the vertical face of the stair system. Standoff glass railings are ideal for those who want a minimalist look for their stairs.

Clamped Glass Railings

Clamped glass railings use glass clips that mount the glass panels to the posts or railing and shoe. This type of railings allows you to highlight your hardware if you want to. It is also a good option for curved staircases.

Check safety and local building codes.

Visual appeal is one thing, but safety must also be considered. Check your local area building code requirements about the types of safety glass (tempered or laminated) you may use. While glass stair railings are considered generally safe, it’s in your best interest to follow safety guidelines.

Tempered glass is a durable type of safety glass. It is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, can be maintained very easily, and gives you a crystal clear view. When it breaks, it shatters into tiny cubes that are far safer than annealed glass.

Laminated glass also offers high durability. It can have sound reduction capability and UV protection. In case of breakage, laminated glass will not shatter. It will remain intact and form a web-like pattern. However, laminated glass is prone to blemishes over time and is more expensive than tempered glass.

Maintenance is part of it.

Glass railings are much less demanding than wooden ones in terms of maintenance. However, you shouldn’t neglect them altogether. Fingerprints and watermarks are the main culprits that make your glass railings dirty. Remove them by scrubbing your panels with a soft cloth soaked in water with soap or vinegar. Be careful not to use abrasive scrubbers that can damage the glass. A clean glass railing looks a whole lot more beautiful.

Know your budget and work around it.

Glass railings can be expensive. The typical cost of a 10-foot railing ranges from $1500 to $8500, and it can exceed even more than that. Prices vary depending on the design and the materials required. Dadoed glass railings are the cheapest option since thinner glass panels can be used and less machining and hardware are involved. When it comes to glass and stainless steel hardware, note that their price significantly influences their quality. But with iStairs, you can be sure that you are only getting premium quality products worth every cent.

Choose the right company that will install them for you.

The quality of the build depends on which company made them. Of course, you want only the best value for your money. iStairs has a long history of satisfied clients and masterfully made staircases. Our customized service ensures that our client always receives what they envision. We do not only make staircases that appeal to the eye. We also prioritize safety, as improperly installed staircases can be dangerous for you.

Choose a reliable company and backed with experience. Choose iStairs. For your next stairs project, call us at 844-STAIR-4U. We are excited to work with you!