Tips for Painting Around Stairs

Some painting jobs are just more difficult than others. And because they are difficult, sometime accidents happen and the casualties are the sofa, the floor, or worse— the staircase.

Here are a few tips and tricks that iStair can share with you so you can protect your beloved stairs against the accidents that are bound to happen when painting jobs get closer to it.

Cover your staircase

This may seem like a no-brainer but be sure to cover your stairs with a huge piece of plastic or cloth. That way, droppings or accidents, you will feel assured that no stain will damage your beloved stairs.

The cloth should be able to cover the handrails to the floor; hanging it halfway is protecting only the upper part of the stairs. SO when you get a cloth as a cover, be sure it is big enough to cover the entire staircase.

Grab the correct ladder

There are hard to reach areas that we must get to get the overall look that we want to achieve. Unfortunately, these places are either too high or deep down below. When this happens be sure to get the appropriate ladder that can support your weight, your desired activity, and length of use.

Falling off a ladder is not only bad for the painting job as it will definitely mess various areas, it can also injure the painter. So be sure to use a perfectly working ladder before you commence painting.

Use a pole

Using a pole is always a good alternative to ladders. The problem with poles are droppings, so be sure to use it properly to avoid droplets of paint everywhere. Also, be sure to get a pole that is tall enough to bring color to your targeted areas.

Using a pole might actually be the life hack that you need to complete that painting job at home.

Bunch of care

Sometimes, we get too comfortable when we see that the covers are doing their job or the ladder is sturdy that we forget to take extra care when painting. Until the paint is dry the job is not yet and you have to continue being cautious about the concerned areas.

We, at iStairs, want our clients to keep their staircases well maintained and beautiful for all seasons. If you have anything stair related concern, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

If an accident happened while you have an on-going paint job at home, do not wait for the paint dry as it may be more difficult to remove. Be sure to call in experts once the accidents happen. Quick treatment is the best way to address such incidents.

Shoot us an email or ring us an inquiry, our staff would be happy to attend to your needs. Service is commitment and quality is a our guarantee.