Top 10 Design Tips to Make Your Staircase a Statement Piece

Top 10 Design Tips to Make Your Staircase a Statement Piece

While staircases are functional structures, there isn’t a guidebook that says they should look boring and unattractive. In fact, with some simple design tips and careful planning, you can turn them into a statement piece or even a focal point of your home’s interior. 

Here are the top 10 design tips that can turn a nondescript staircase into a stunning structure or even an art piece. 

Leave the wall bare and white. 

The best way to highlight a dark industrial-style staircase is to leave your wall bare and white. The same principle also applies to a minimalist interior design in which the structure or “main” furniture (sofa in the living room, and bed frame in the bedroom, for example) should serve as the only focal point. 

Meanwhile, some people opt for a maximalist design, thinking that white walls and fewer design elements lead to a boring or sterile-looking home interior. What they fail to realize is that when they highlight everything, they highlight nothing. 

Turn your staircase into bookshelves and cabinets. 

One way to eliminate clutter in your home is to create more storage space, which might be challenging if you have a limited floor area. Fortunately, you can turn your spandrel, which is the triangular space underneath the stairs, into bookshelves and cabinets. 

Aside from additional storage space, the built-in bookshelf is also an excellent place to showcase your prized art collection, travel souvenirs, and knick-knacks. 

Create a cozy corner under the stairs. 

Aside from a bookshelf, you can also turn the under-utilized space under the stairs into a cozy corner by placing built-in benches-cum-drawers. 

Consider a spiral staircase as a secondary access.

Traditional spiral staircases are not ideal as the main access point because of their limited width, although they can serve as a secondary access. 

Because of their dynamic shape, spiral staircases don’t need vibrant tones and too many details to stand out. In fact, plain white or any subdued color works well on this type of staircase. 

Opt for a staircase with a classic iron-wrought banister.

If you are into classic and elegant design, your best bet is a staircase with a traditional black matte iron-wrought banister combined with a warm wood handrail. 

Consider giving your staircase a Mediterranean touch.

Use terra cotta for the landing and tread, and blue mosaic tiles for the risers if you want to give your staircase a Mediterranean touch. You can also opt for an ornately decorated balustrade for an additional European flair. 

Add a runner.

Adding an elegant carpet runner can give your staircase a fresh new look without making a major home improvement. Another bonus is that they reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, making it ideal if there are children and seniors using the stairs. 

Play with contrasting colors. 

Using dark wood for your tread or painting it with deep colors like vintage blue or indigo while keeping the riser pristine white is one surefire way to give your staircase a stunning look. 

Paint it solid black. 

If you’re not into black, you may want to consider other dark colors to paint your staircase. To further make it stand out, whitewash the balustrade and handrail or maintain their natural wood color. 

Opt for a suspended straight staircase with a minimalist design.

You can turn any boring straight-style staircase into an elegant structure by using white panels as your balustrade, placing treads of natural wood color, and removing the riser to allow the lights to pass through the stairs. 

Top 10 Design Tips to Make Your Staircase a Statement Piece
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