Wood Stair Maintenance

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Maintenance is key to keep the beauty of wood stairs for as long as possible. It is true when they say that the best stair design is a well-maintained one. It doesn’t matter how exemplary the stair design is, if it is neglected. Other than the looks, maintenance also extends the life span of the stairs.

Here are a few iStairs-quality tips to keep wood stairs at their finest:


  1. Regularly clean the stairs.

Spring should not be the only season when the stairs are cleaned. In fact, cleaning should be done as often as deemed necessary. Sweeping and vacuuming the stairs should be a habit. Take note, however, that when the stairs are in need for some wet-cleaning, only use products that are meant for the material used for the floor finish. This goes for all stair designs. Ensure no wet spots or spills are left for too long because these may stain or warp the stairs.

  1. Prevention is better than cure (or fixing).

Safeguard the stairs early on to prevent damages. Gravel and other material stuck on the bottom of the shoes may scratch not only the stairs but also the floor, especially the wooden ones. This can be prevented by using rugs right at the entrance for people to use. Stilettos and other hard heels are not friendly for soft wood stairs so these must be avoided. When moving furniture up or down the stairs, make certain that the legs are covered with paddings, socks, of bubble wrap. Some carpets complement wood stairs, while keeping these away from damage as well.

  1. If scratches or dents do appear, wax them up immediately.

Don’t let a perfect stair design be adulterated with even small scratches or dents. For waxed wood stairs, top the damaged area with a new layer of wax then buff it up. Doing this will not only hide these spoilers, but would make the stairs even more beautiful.

  1. Don’t wait for the entire stairs be worn out before applying a new finish.

Refinishing wood stairs should be done to worn out spots as soon as they appear to prevent further damage, and to maintain an unblemished stair design. Some areas of the stairs are more stepped on than others so wearing out won’t occur at the same time for the entire floor of the stairs.

Steel wool can be used to apply a penetrating finish to worn out areas. Sand off the old finish completely, smoothen the area, clean up, then apply a new finish.  It’s better to call up iStairs Sacramento stairs to ensure a wonderful refinishing job is done.

  1. When molds appear, kill the mold spores.

Wood stairs on a humid area make an ideal breeding ground for molds. Molds do not only cause serious harm to a once flawless stair design, but also a pose a threat on people’s health. Wiping the molds off does only half of the job since these would continue to reappear as long as the mold spores are there. Commercial sporicides are available, but mixing a quarter to half a cup of bleach to a gallon of water and using the solution to clean the stairs can actually do the trick. In addition, it is best to use a finish that prevents mold and mildew from growing.


These are some steps that homeowners can take on their end to properly maintain wood stairs. Keeping the stairs clean and preventing damage are essential to preserve both the beauty and the strength of any stair design. To further guarantee the maintenance of stairs, consult iStairs Sacramento stairs and ask for professional help. iStairs Inc is not only the ultimate source for custom staircase installation, but also for its maintenance. Routinely avail of iStairs-quality maintenance services to keep stairs looking as good as new.