Why Do We Have Stairs?

It’s a simple question, yet thought-provoking nevertheless: “why do we have stairs?”

Stairs have been around for ages, dating far back as the ancient Mesopotamians, Greeks, and other civilizations. Today, you can expect to find a staircase in just about every structure or building that has more than one structure.

And in a way, that’s sort of a testament to how indispensable stairs are to daily life. We have ramps, ladders, and escalators, for sure, and they certainly have their uses.

But somehow, a well-placed set of stairs just seems to make everything feel right.

It Gets Us From Down Here to Up There (And Back)

The main raison d’etre of any set of stairs is access. Staircases allow you to move from one level of a structure to another.

At some point in our history, builders realized they could utilize the area above the ground level. Building stairs allowed homeowners more storage and afforded them a bit more living space.

Today, it is common for homes to have two storeys or more. Stairs also help access other areas of the house, such as the attic, roof, basement, or outdoor decks.

Stairlifts and ramps are also able to give similar access to people with all levels of physical ability.

Stairs Make a Statement

For Sacramento stairs and staircase contractor, iStairs, Inc., your staircase is your home’s statement piece & entry focal point.

Upon entering your home, your staircase can convey a lot of messages to your guests through the sort of material used, the level of ornateness and design, and its overall condition.

It can be warm and welcoming, it can radiate a sense of style and elegance, but most of all, it can serve as the focal point of your home’s personality.

Stairs are Efficient and Dependable

Unlike elevators (lifts) or escalators, stairs don’t need power, nor do they need a great deal of maintenance. Stairs can also accommodate a considerable amount of weight, thus letting you bring large pieces of furniture and appliances safely between levels.

Stairs Help Maximize Space

Today’s homeowners are all about the economy of space. Especially in smaller homes, stairs can even be used to hide extra storage area. You can opt to hide drawers in between steps or build a small storage room or a series of closets or shelves can right underneath.

For Art & Aesthetic Purposes

Beyond its more practical uses, a lot of care and craftsmanship can be put into stairs, matching the desired theme or motif of any given living space.

They can be as spartan and minimalist as desired, or as meticulously detailed and designed that it’s almost a piece of art onto itself.

Cats like these have been sitting contentedly on stairs like these ever for as long as we can remember.

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