Choosing a handrail style

Handrails are subtle and understated parts of your homes. It is one of those things that people don’t really care about unless they are very particular about design. Handrails can elevate the look of your home. Changing the color, material, and style can instantly dictate the vibe you are trying to give off. Choosing the design of your handrail is more important than you think. It’s not merely about design, but also about the safety. You should not just brush off the idea of giving a hard look of this seemingly unimportant aspect of your home.  

Here are some pointers to consider in choosing the right handrail style for you.  

1.    Look for inspirations online.  

You have to decide on what look you are going for. Do you want a minimalist home? Do you want an eccentric artsy abode? Do you prefer a shocking pop of color in every area of your house? These questions will help you determine what style you should be looking for.  

If you are into a minimalist aesthetic, maybe you should choose a material like glass or design with clean lines. 

If you are a little bit adventurous, then you can perhaps opt for a dashing red handrail. 

2.    Consider the members of your household.  

This is a vital thing to take note of. If you have little kids inside the house, you must consider this factor in choosing your handrail. You need softer materials and safer styles. You probably should veer away from materials like glass and metal, and pointy edges.  

3.    Set a specific budget. 

It is a common mistake of homeowners to choose their design first and not consider the budget they have. You have to note that different styles and materials have different cost. You might really like a particular model, but the amount you need to have this implemented could be outrageous. Remind yourself that style, function, and practicality are all parts of the equation.  

4.    Choose a trusted supplier.  

You may not realize it now, but handrail is an essential part of your home. It adds value, safety, and style. You need to have experts who will ensure the quality of their work, especially if you have kids. Imagine the tragedy of your kids running around and pushing each other down the stairs, and the handrail suddenly falls off. An improperly installed handrail can lead to accidents and injuries.  

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How to Spice up your Sacramento Stair Decor

The staircase is an essential part of your home. You use it multiple times a day to go up and down, but it rarely gets the same treatment as you do with the other parts of the house. 

But stairs have moved from just a transitional space to a statement piece. Because once you enter a house, one of the first things you will notice is the staircase.  

Designers—and even homeowners themselves—are now making it a focal point of a house’s design and are stepping up their stair decor. 

In building houses, it has also become a critical decision to choose which design and material will be used in making your staircase. There are many options available in the market—wood, metal, concrete, stone, and glass. 

For existing homes, this could be a challenge, but it’s not entirely impossible to spruce up your staircase. 

Here are some simple to flashy tips to style the space to make it an architectural feature of your home and get plenty of attention it deserves. 

Highlight the original architectural elements 

If your house has a staircase with beautiful railings or trims, there’s no need to remodel it—just leave the original details intact and play it up. Make it stand out by painting its surroundings with contrasting colors. That way, your staircase will really stand out. 

Go all out with balusters 

Balusters—sometimes simply called guards or spindles—are a great feature on traditional staircases. You can go for wood or metal. Depending on the style of baluster you choose, your stairs can go from classical to modern, elegant, and unique. 

Change the handrails 

If your aim is not to go over the top with your staircase, try spicing up the handrails. There are a lot of beautiful decorative handrail caps in the market to give your stairs some subtle accents. 

Make an impression with risers 

Unleash your creative side by DIY-ing the decors on the risers. You can introduce color and pattern with tile, paint, or wallpaper on the stair risers. Be bold with the colors you choose, stencil patterns on to your new staircase, apply wallpaper, or simply paint your own runner. 

Opt for a graphic carpet 

Draw attention to your stairs with pattern and color. Pick a runner that suits your style—traditional or eclectic, colorful or plain—to accentuate your stairs.  

Focus on the wall 

Create a visual treat to your staircase by covering the wall with wallpaper, wood, or brick. Wall treatment behind your stairs adds beautiful texture and visual impact that will definitely make a big statement in that part of your home. You can also opt to add molding to give your stairs an elegant look.  

Another classic way to fill up walls is by hanging photos or artwork. Making a gallery wall is a popular way to decorate your staircase. Show off your family photos, milestones, or art collection by hanging them on your wall. You can also go for one big art piece or mirror to accentuate the stairs. 

There are a ton of ways to decorate your stairs. If you’re looking for minor changes in your staircase, shop at iStairs for your staircase projects. 

Here at iStairs, we provide you with a large amount of stair parts supply choices ranging from wrought iron to almost any hardwood species, square and turned rail systems, and multiple handrail profiles. 

Contractors, remodeling specialists, and DIY home enthusiasts are welcome! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll help you achieve your staircase goals. 

Give us a call for more details about the products and services we offer, and we’ll gladly assist you.